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Nondos: East Harlem's 119th & Third Goes Rental

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The real estate boom led to the upward creep of luxury development into East Harlem, and even as miserable economic times descended, those buildings were said to be holding up well. But eventually all of Harlem fell off a cliff, so something had to give. That something is the 90-unit 119th & Third, which according to its website, has switched its on-site sales office to an on-site rental office. A small batch of listings are now up on StreetEasy, with a price range of $1,975 to $4,450 per month. Interestingly, the sales listings have yet to be pulled, but the air of desperation is thick. Reads one: "We are offering a 15% discount on every unit in inventory at 119th & Third for contracts written by April 30th. Some Penthouses will receive a 20% discount." Maybe they'll adjust those after updating the office voice mail message, which still says we have reached "119th and Third luxury condominiums."
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