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Construction Watch: Lucida Gives UES Something to Look At

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[Click to expand; note construction worker in viking helmet.]

The Upper East Side luxury showdown between The Brompton at 86th and Third and The Lucida at 85th and Lexington has been a wash of late. The Brompton has been getting all the pub with its eerily accurate renderings and assorted buyer rebellions, but enough with tradition! For the moment we turn our attention away from The Brompton's bricks and to The Lucida's glass, where a tipster points out that the wall space above the lobby is getting its art thing. Your interpretation of the piece is welcomed?nay, demanded! Adds our tipster, "It appears to have illumination in mind as well. A beacon for 85th Street!" We love a bright idea.

· The Lucida [Official Site]

The Lucida

151 East 85th Street, New York, NY 10028