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UES McMansion Now Available as Combo Meal or McNuggets

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Last year a wealthy Wall Streeter proposed combining three adjacent Carnegie Hill townhouses into one 17,000-square-foot mansion. His plan was to restore the facades of the 19th Century brownstones at 57-61 East 90th Street and gut the interiors, while tacking on new additions and extending the properties into the rear yards. Not surprisingly the neighbors had a fit, but after the Landmarks Preservation Commission made some alterations, the plan was approved and a building permit was filed in August. The work never started, however, and now we know why.
One recession later, all three townhouses are being offered for a combined $20 million through Sotheby's. According to the listing, the offering "presents the possibility of creating Carnegie Hill’s next architecturally significant residence" by combining the three buildings, which currently total 12,434 interior square feet and around 2,280 square feet of outdoor garden space. But if buyers don't feel like dealing with an enraged Tom Wolfe, the houses are also available for sale individually. The 4BR, 4.5BA 57 East 90th Street is the priciest of the bunch, asking $7.9 million. Sandwiched in the middle is 59 East 90th Street, asking $6.9 million, and then comes 61 East 90th Street, currently broken up into several apartments and going for $5.9 million. That's a $700k discount for buying them all in one shot, so why not opt for the threesome? Inspect the goods at the open house tomorrow afternoon.
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