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CurbedWire: Construction Watch Mania! More Park Renos?

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HUDSON SQUARE, LES?Via the bottomless Curbed Photo Pool, a pair of construction updates on some old friends. At left, 181 Varick Street, also known as 179 Varick Street, former home of kitch nightspot Culture Club and future Hampton Inn of wonders. It's topped out! Meanwhile, on the Lower East Side, the big yellow freak at 38 Delancey that will one day be this thing. Fun! [Curbed Photo Pool]

LOWER EAST SIDE?It's Park Day here at Curbed HQ! A tipster writes, "Does anyone know what is going on at Sara D Roosevelt Park in LES/Chinatown? They encircled it with fencing and kicked everyone out. I'm assuming it's construction of some kind but haven't seen any informative signs and a search of the city parks website revealed nothing." Indeed, the website is dry. The park got a renovation/new soccer field in 2006, no? Intel welcomed! [CurbedWire Inbox]