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On the Racked: Fifth Ave. Laser Show, Canal St. Tribute, More!

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The latest from Racked, covering shopping and retail from the sidewalks up.

1) Midtown: Headed upstate for sleepaway camp? Then you'll definitely want to head over to the intense Diesel flagship store on Fifth Avenue, where they'll use space-age lasers to burn your monogram into a new pair of jeans. Hands off, bunkmate!

2) Tribeca: The Solefood sneakerhead shop is paying tribute to Canal Street by selling Nike Air Forces Ones adorned with knockoffs of some well-known patterns and logos. Finally, a stylish way to protest Chinatown's bootlegging crackdown!

3) Hell's Kitchen: There's all types of insanity, and then there's the Christian Louboutin editors'-only sample sale, where fashionistas who clearly don't need to be at their cubicles are waiting for hours to get a crack at marked-down shoes. And blogging about it!

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