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Neighbors Want Cooper Square Hotel to Fear the Dark

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Everything about the Bowery's Cooper Square Hotel up until now?from the opening to the fireplace flap to the Garden of Eden?has merely been an amuse-bouche for what is shaping up to be an epic shitshow of a summer. Back when neighbors along East 5th Street were vehemently protesting the hotel, their chief complaint was the Coop's outdoor restaurant and bar spaces, including a second-floor rear terrace that nearly abuts some tenement windows (above). The hotel agreed to early closing times on those spaces to earn a liquor license, but now that the revelry spots are finally opening and the weather is getting warm, the real test begins. Already neighbors have fired a hilarious warning shot, but now the war is ramping up.

Blogger Jeremiah Moss over at Vanishing New York has a source inside the East 5th Street tenement that overlooks the hotel's patio, and he's promised a series of updates from building residents titled, heh, "Notes from the Backside." The first dispatch is already intense:

got to try the megaphone this week. About 2 am a drunk woman came out to the patio and wondered at its beauty. I pulled out the megaphone and said in a store announcer kind of voice “Attention Cooper Square Hotel douchebags: shut the hell up and get off the patio.” Didn’t work. She said “That makes my new york experience complete” and continued to yammer away. The hotel made a half-hearted effort to get her out of there.

And so began the craziest summer of our lives.
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