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Truffles Season Coming Late for Some Tribeca Renters

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You gotta have swine to show you where the Truffles are, but you also gotta have a certificate of occupancy to take part in the hunt. A troubling e-mail found its way into our inbox, sent by a Truffles Tribeca (you do remember Truffles Tribeca, don't you?) renter who signed a lease with a May 15 move-in:

Many new residents (including myself) have been informed that Truffles was not granted a temporary certificate of occupancy for certain sections of the building on time meaning that renters that signed leases to begin anytime between 5/15 onward are not able to move in until mid-June, at the earliest. The building is not offering to provide future residents with housing or other assistance and informed me about this about 1 week before my lease was supposed to start. According to building management, about 25 renters have been affected by this delay. Many of us will have to live with friends until we are able to move in.According to a well-placed source in the Truffleverse, building management found out around May 1 that some floors in the luxury rental complex would not be getting a TCO in time for the May 15 crop of move-ins. These renters?about 8 or 9 apartments have been affected, we're told?were given two weeks' notice that they would not be able to shack up in the building in time, but were allowed to move all their stuff in at the least start-date. Indeed, they have to go it alone until at least June 1, or more likely June 10. Natasha, save 'em a treadmill, would ya?
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