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CurbedWire: Windermere Sold, Case Settled

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HELL'S KITCHEN?The saga of the Windermere has finally ended. The rotting landmark at 57th Street and Ninth Avenue?which once housed Steve McQueen but has been plagued for years by burst pipes, fires, gas leaks and an absentee landlord somewhere in Japan?has been sold, and its lawsuits settled. According to a statement put out by the Landmarks Preservation Commission and the New York City Law Department, the previous owner has agreed to pony up $1.1 million in penalties for failing to maintain the 128-year-old structure, while the six remaining rent-stabilized tenants who were forced out of the building agreed to a combined $2.6 million settlement in exchange for giving up their apartments. The Windermere's new ownership, which for now remains a mystery, has pledged to restore the building. But what after that? City Room has more on the settlement. [CurbedWire Inbox]