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Launches & Releases: Introducing Curbed Hamptons

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With Memorial Day Weekend and Summer 2009 looming, it's time to head east. Today, we launch Curbed Hamptons, our newest blog. Do check it out. For those that remember The Beach, a Hamptons blog we published during the summers of 2006 and 2007, consider this something of a reboot—with a few changes. Though we'll be obsessing about the East End restaurant and shopping worlds, we won't be hitting the club circuit as much. And you'll see more emphasis on real estate news, too.

Already in the mix at Curbed Hamptons: the most extensive photos available anywhere of Calvin Klein's teardown of his Southampton estate Dragon's Head; a look at the Bridgehampton manse the Jonas Brothers may call home this summer; and—you saw this coming, right?—a look at the Hamptons real estate market from graph guru Jonathan Miller. This will be fun. And our thanks, as always, for your support.
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