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The Oculus Cometh: Fulton Transit Center Done in...2014!

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The journey of the MTA's Fulton Street Transit Center near the World Trade Center has been a long, strange trip, but there's finally light visible at the end of the subway tunnel. The hub?meant to untangle the WTC's subway line spaghetti and provide an underground link to Santiago Calatrava's PATH station while adding its own bit of flashy architecture to the Lower Manhattan landscape?was announced in 2004, broke by 2008, and saved by a federal cash hand-out at the beginning of this year (big ups, Barack!). Now the Times reports the MTA says the Fulton Street Transic Center will be done in 2014, seven years late and around $650 million over budget. But forget about the bill, because the four-story glass box built above-ground is now guaranteed to be topped by a 50-foot glass oculus instead of flattened out. Mt. FiDi is saved!
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