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Rentals, Whole Foods Teased on Brooklyn's Vanderbilt Ave.

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What's this?a rendering reveal in the last few hours leading up to a long weekend? Blame it on Brownstoner, who delays our beach sojourn by presenting the above design for a 365-unit rental development (24% of which would be held for affordable housing) at Vanderbilt Avenue and Atlantic Avenue in Fort Greene, the fine print on which looks to carry the brand of architecture firm Costas Kondylis & Partners. The 470 Vanderbilt Avenue details were dusted off at a CB2 Land Use Committee meeting earlier this week. The developer is seeking a rezoning on the block, hence the dog and pony show. How about these fun details: "There will be a two-level underground garage as of right accommodating 320 cars. The developer is looking for a supermarket for the site and announced that Whole Foods is under consideration for the site." Yeah, but did Whole Foods return the call?
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