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Construction Watch: HL23 Tops Out Over the High Line

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Spring continues to bring forth hardy sprouts of development, and there are few we're liking more than HL23 growing strong above the High Line along West 23rd Street. Ironworkers have now topped-out the superbly angular superstructure, and they've planted Old Glory up top to signal the occasion. The futuristic stack of what will be nine super-luxe glass condos from architect Neil Denari can be seen from all the way down Tenth Avenue. Sidewalk surfers might enjoy that view for far longer than previously planned: The Boymelgreen project on the corner of Tenth and West 23rd known as 10 Chelsea sits fallow, with no movement since November. For those seeking other viewpoints check out the side streets below 23rd, where the raised rail lines rise against little bits of open space. From there the tower of open framework appears to bend out, offering greetings to the old railway down below.
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