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Curbed Marketplace: Weekend Open House Roundup

In the City for the weekend? These homes are open for your perusal.Curbed Marketplace. More where this came from in our Open House Calendar. List your property today and we'll get you in next week's roundup!


  1. 1) 225 East 74th Street, 1BR, 1BA, 750 sq ft, $499K [Stribling]

  2. 2) 241 West 36th Street, 2BR, 1BA, 1550 sq ft, $1.15M [Stribling]

  3. 3) 179 East 79th Street, 2BR, 2BA, $1.195M [Stribling]

  4. 4) 380 Lenox Avenue, 3BR, 2BA, 1455 sq ft, $870K [Stribling]

  5. 5) 200 East 90th Street (above), 4BR, 4BA, $2.66M [Stribling]

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