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Construction Watch: Antidote to Starchitecture at 520 Broome

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Down where Soho meets Sixth Avenue a nondescript stack of 51 new condos is rising at 520 Broome Street. The Tunnel Garage, a fought-over bit of crumbling art deco utilitarianism, used to sit on this site, but that was then. Now the area is going modern all around, with Trump's slab o' somethin' rising to the west and the hanging gardens of Moondance just a short walk to the south. But none of that flashiness will be found here on the corner of Broome and Thompson. Eventually to be clad in off-white cast "stone" panels and simply framed windows with residential above and 10,000sf of retail below, it's conservative and careful in almost every way. The one bit of flair is the curved flank of windows facing southeast, which will offer the best views ever of the notorious Holland Tunnel crawl. When it's ready in the "2nd Quarter 2010" this one from the design desk of the Stephen B. Jacobs Group might prove to be an appropriately unwitting response to these troubled times.
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55 Thompson

55 Thompson Street, New York, New York

520 Broome Street New York NY 10013