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PriceSpotter Big Reveal: Grown-Up Crib in the East Village

And now, the results of yesterday's PriceSpotter asking price guessing game...

Location: 115 East 9th Street #9A
Asking: $1,450,000

This 3BR East Village co-op that we labeled mature for its surroundings (piano! Viking range!) led to plenty of interesting discussion on the value of those full-service post-war jobbies in this type of location. The building is the St. Mark, where a handful of units are currently on the market. After a breathtakingly close guess of $1,449,000, the asking price was nailed down at #10 by commenter ajs93, a soothsayer who wrote, "1.45 mil ask, will go for 1.29 mill." Time shall tell, wise one.
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