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On the Racked: UES's Lucida Opens (to Shoppers), More!

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1) Upper East Side: A Curbed tipster sends us a photo showing that The Lucida's art thingy is now firmly in place, which is good news, because the building's H&M opened today! Early arrivals get autographs and gift cards.

2) Harlem: Whether out of tribute or peer pressure, stores along 125th Street typically close down for a few hours on Malcolm X's birthday as a retail moment of silence. But this year perceived gentrification-machine American Apparel opened up, and the store claims it never got the memo. Small-scale protesting follows.

3) MePa: Racked looks at Diane von Furstenberg's contribution to the Sundance Channel's online-only High Line Stories series?in which the designer calls the park "a green ribbon that follows the river into the sunset"?and offers this analysis: "It's a beautifully done video, but truly reeks of her earlier AMEX work. Or perhaps shots of treetops and poetic language come standard when one deals with DVF?"

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The Lucida

151 East 85th Street, New York, NY 10028