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Admiral's Row Gets a Bit Closer to Davy Jones's Locker

The long and testy battle over Admiral's Row, the strip of badly decayed 19th-century officers' homes in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, is nearing a cease-fire?though preservationists might not be happy with the terms. Yesterday, after being teased back in March, the details of the deal that will transfer ownership of Admiral's Row from the National Guard to the city (which operates the industrial park in the Navy Yard) were formally announced. The Brooklyn Paper reports that the mission is to preserve two of the buildings, the non-residence along Flushing Avenue known as the Timber Shed, and Building B (above), the oldest house on the site. The rest will likely be flattened to make way for a supermarket and more industrial development. The MAS is putting out a call for the National Guard to lower the price of the property to better increase the chances that more structures will be saved, though law requires the land to be sold at fair market value.
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