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The Big Fat Zero That is Padma Lakshmi's East Village Loft

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Spicy Top Chef hostess Padma Lakshmi recently transferred over her East Village loft to a trust for $0, a minor bit of paper shuffling (she's reportedly moved on to Chelsea) but the perfect opportunity for Cityfile and Gawker to dig up the old listing for the full-floor loft at East 2nd Street and Avenue B, which Lakshmi bought for $1.65 million in January '08. The goods are still perusable on the Corcoran website, and the fifth-floor 2BR, 2BA apartment looks pretty high-class for Avenue B?like the type of loft you where can just toss on your favorite lacy white corset and roll around for a little while. We all could use such a spiritually-cleansing hideaway.

The building is the "Carriage House" at 211 East 2nd Street, the "restoration of a wonderful brick East Village building" says the listing. For the cooking inclined, there's "a wonderful Windowed Cook's Kitchen with Butternut Cabinetry with Glass Doors- Basalt Countertops and modern appliances." Not bad. We'll up the stakes and offer $1.
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