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Eater Tastings: H&H Seized, Waiting on Brooklyn Bowl, More!

This week's top dish from Eater, Curbed's restaurant, bar, and nightlife blog...

1) Upper West Side: West 80th Street doughy empire H&H Bagels has been shut down, with a sign on the door stating "property seized for lack of payment of taxes." A follow-up with the folks in charge reveals that both locations (the second is on West 46th Street) are closed. Give us back our Everythings, IRS!

2) Midwood: Don't get to Midwood often? Here's what you're missing: "There’s not much to look at on the Midwood stretch of Coney Island Avenue. But that doesn’t stop the denizens of Nitecaps from periodically emerging from their drinking den to take a gander at the four-lane traffic and un-beautiful industrial landscape. Once back inside, they have to wait another ten minutes for their eyes to adjust. For Nitecaps, which is near Avenue H, is a dark bar. Dark like a cave. Dark like a mineshift."

3) Williamsburg: The bowling alley/restaurant/concert venue Brooklyn Bowl will be an instant hit as soon as it opens, except that it has been "nearly open" for about six months now. The latest prediction: "next couple of weeks." Until then, some pictures!

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