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At The Langston, Things Get All Chalked Up

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Ther's much that's awesome about the image above, including that it appeared not in a Dharma Initiative training video but rather just a few days ago at Harlem new development The Langston. For those that haven't had the pleasure, that's a Unitone® intercom system—in this case being used to relay the vital news to residents that "the use of chark" [sic] will no longer be tolerated! All this news comes our way via 68 Bradhurst, a most amusing blog penned by a resident of the building.

After the 68 Bradhurst blogger administered a beatdown to the chalk-haters in management (sample prose: "Oh wait! I forgot that we have board members who are miserable. For them to even post this is abominable."), word came the next day that certain kind of chalk scribbles would in fact be permitted! Joy:

I have posted a message on unitone this afternoon regarding this issue. The message is as follows: Please be advised that chalk writing is permitted on the outside terrace floors, please refrain from graffiti like writing on the walls. We apologize for the confusion.All well and good. But really, we're just obsessed with the concept of sending out messages via Unitone. Anyone technically inclined want to get Curbed's RSS feed rigged up to the Langston's messaging system?
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