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Cheap Home Renovation Tip, Courtesy of the MTA

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According to the World Floor Covering Association, tiles should be damp-mopped regularly using the manufacturer's recommended grout and tile cleaners. In other words, upkeep takes money and effort, and the MTA isn't really strong on either. But don't worry, a tipster writes in to let us know the MTA has a found an easy solution for cleaning up its messes while removing most of the hassle:

While waiting on the platform for the L train at the Bedford stop (foot of the Driggs Ave exit, track going to Manhattan) I noticed that there were some nice new titles along the wall on the platform. After staring at it I noticed that it had a slick film on it; similar to that protective clear plastic which comes on the screen of a new cell phone. Then I saw that it was curling up at the bottom and it is in fact a sticker placed over the titles to LOOK like it has been fixed. I thought I had seen everything. Nice one MTA...It's a little tough to see, but it certainly looks like there's a sticky situation developing in the Williamsburg underground. Next, cardboard cutouts of station agents will replace human beings in the booths. At least they'll be able to keep their eyes open!