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Williamsburg Development Update-o-Rama: Some Are Selling!

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For a real estate press hungry for a success story, especially in a neighborhood doomsayers have left for dead, Williamsburg condo conversion Mason Fisk has?well, let's just say that if the real estate market was the Matrix, Mason Fisk would be wearing black leather and bending around bullets by now. The legend of 72 Berry Street continues to grow, with the Times' Josh Barbanel throwing more fuel on the fire in a weekend story about the Burg condo market. But here's a dirty little secret: Mason Fisk isn't Williamsburg's only savior. Plenty of deals are getting done, according to Barbanel and his sources, thanks to price cuts and "creative types" looking to become first-time buyers. Packed open houses and the occasional bidding war? We know Williamsburg loves a throwback, but has 2006 already become vintage?

1) Mason Fisk: On Thursday, the Post reported that 18 of Mason Fisk's 26 lofts were in contract. By Barbanel's Sunday story the number was up to 24, and "when buyers dawdled" on contracts, "the developer was able to make a few new deals at higher prices." Also, you wouldn't believe the size of the building's blue ox.

2) NV: The unfortunately-named steel building at 101 North 5th Street, based on Hot Karl Fischer's "advanced architectural principles," has sold 17 of its 40 apartments in the past two months, say the building's reps. Adds Barbanel, "While many larger new buildings are expected to linger on the market for years, NV could sell out in a matter of months."

3) The Rialto: Also on North 5th Street, the Rialto has been doing respectable numbers recently. In the last 60 days, 10 units in the 31-unit building went to contract, according to reps, and as far as we know this is NOT an April Fool's Day joke. Arrivederci!
· More Sales, for Less Money [NYT]

Mason Fisk

72 Berry Street, Brooklyn, New York

nV Williamsburg

101 North 5th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11249