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Prospect Heights Getting All the Balconies it Can Handle

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[Images courtesy Loadingdock5 Architecture]

Brooklyn-based architects Loadingdock5 are working on yet another project on Pacific Street in Prospect Heights involving large balconies and exterior entry stairs?one that is not even part of the Hello Kitty Living development. Just down the street from the firm's recently-completed 957 Pacific Street, ye of shiny scrim balcony goodness, is 1311 Pacific Street, aka Terrace House II. This time the elevators are internal to the building, so tenants don't have to freeze while waiting to go down during a blizzard. The exterior access stairs are more separate from the adjacent balconies and exterior entries to the apartments, making the whole arrangement a little more private. The 32 units will hit the market as soon as the condo offering plan is approved, revisions to which were just mailed out. Interiors are done in Ikea, saving buyers the Red Hook gas money they would've spent anyway.
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