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Berry Street Rental Watch: Venting at 44, Netting at 40

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On Berry Street between North 11th and North 12th Streets in Williamsburg, two highly-hyped rental projects will eventually battle for tenants. And they couldn't be more different! One, recent Development Du Jour 44 Berry Street, is a gut renovation of a former seltzer factory that caused a minor stink when construction crews cut holes underneath the windows for future climate control. In the fallout, a fresh rendering was released showing that the vents would be painted over and hidden. With the building ready for residents, how did it turn out? Well, in a game of Rendering vs. Reality, the Waterfront Preservation Alliance writes, "44 Berry is no Fedders atrocity, but the final result is a far cry from the subtlety shown in the rendering." Fair enough, but what about 44 Berry's new neighbor?

[Photo by Will Femia]

At the corner of North 12th Street, the 142-unit Perkins Eastman-designed luxury rental building at 40 Berry is still a work in progress. When done, the modern new building will certainly stand out next to its old-school neighbor, and that's before residents even get to the curvy reception desk and indoor pool. Just, uh, make sure you check what's in that pool before diving in. So, Northside, what's it going to be: old and restored or new with all the bells and whistles? Your guarantors await a decision!
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