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Construction Watch: Nolita's 211 Elizabeth Sheds the Shed

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A little gem of 19th Century style combined with 21st Century prices (early 21st Century, that is) has finally shed its ugly construction shed at 211 Elizabeth, and this one fits the old neighborhood like a handcrafted charm. The former Development Du Jour from designers Roman and Williams has 15 one- and two-bedroom units on seven floors (some still available) all hidden behind a swell facade of detailed brick and big wood-trimmed windows. Down on the street it greets passersby with beefy black columns of worked wood and, overhead, a chunky cornice of molded metal. Where Elizabeth meets Prince Street, the entry to future retail is recessed on an angle, the floors above supported by a column on the corner. It's the perfect place to watch hungry hipsters wrestling for a seat at the always-crowded Cafe Habana across Prince Street. And apparently, as seen in the gallery above, not a bad spot to practice the old golf swing. Occupancy, once set for "late 2008", is now slated for "mid-'09."
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211 elizabeth street

211 Elizabeth Street, New York, NY