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Midtown's 1411 Broadway Next in Line for a Facade Facelift?

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Is the office tower at 1411 Broadway, home to many businesses connected with the rag trade, trying on a new outfit? Some shiny new metal and glass can be glimpsed above the southern setback, the stuff in sharp contrast to the original stone, glass and bronzed aluminum seen everywhere else on the 40-story tower. Located between West 39th and 40th Streets just south of Times Square, 1411 Broadway is perhaps best known for having replaced the venerable old Metropolitan Opera House that stood on this site from 1883 until 1966. Is this little bit of newness just a whim, or is something bigger in the works? The re-clad fad seems to be taking over Manhattan. Witness the facelifts at 1095 Sixth Avenue overlooking Bryant Park and at 3 Columbus Circle further up the Great White Way. What ever happened to growing old gracefully?
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