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Anti-Development Street Art Spotted in Nolita, Greenpoint

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Forget Banksy and Neckface and other artists that are probably dated by today's graffiti standards (sorry kids, we're old). A new wave of street art is sweeping the town?yep, Curbed bylaws state "two is a trend"?and the topic is...real estate! A tipster noticed the above "Never Forget" stickers popping up in Nolita, and sent us a couple photos. We don't immediately recognize the construction sites pictured (any ideas?), but we're certainly sensing an anti-overdevelopment vibe. Is the creator referencing crane collapses? Noise and other construction inconveniences? Perhaps it's something else entirely, like a recession-era reminder of what development (that dinosaur!) looked like when financing was fast and loose. One thing's for sure, there's no mistaking the message across the river.

Also in the gallery you'll see the poster made by a member of the Karl Fischer fan club. The poster, the Horror of Franklin Street, is a response to Hot Karl's 12-story creation rising at Franklin and India Streets in Greenpoint. The images come from New York Shitty, which heard from the creator, who wrote: "The screen printed posters were not received well and were quickly painted over. Not as many people saw them as I had hoped, but I may do a second run." Don't! You'll dilute the value of the eventual auction!
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