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It's Almost Pool Day on Perry Street

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The $24 million combination offering for 166 Perry Street's pair of duplex penthouses is listed as #PHEW, which, coincidentally, is also the sound the developers will make if they find a buyer to take both off their hands in one shot. But if the penthouses at Asymptote's Far West Village fold-out end up selling separately, that's two private pools that are needed for those big outdoor terraces. Via the lens of a Curbed tipster, it appears the neighborhood's new swimmin' holes are now on site. They may look like glorified metal bath tubs right now, but come the first summer heat wave, expect Wolverine to cannonball in from the rooftop next door. Just make sure his claws don't cause any leaks.

Will the pools be super-glued together if one buyer takes both penthouses? If not, can the spare be couriered over to Curbed HQ ASAP?
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166 Perry Street

166 Perry Street, New York, NY