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Lincoln Center Promenade Turns on the Waterworks

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Spring, the season of rebirth, is bringing new life to some very well known (and recently out of service) fountains. Last week it was Washington Square Park, and now Lincoln Center's renovated fountain?redone by Diller Scofidio + Renfro as part of the firm's larger Lincoln Center refresh?is almost ready for its revival. We say almost ready because the fountain was only turned on for a magazine photo shoot, but luckily a Curbed operative was there to snap us some pictures. We can almost feel the gentle spray on our face as we lie on the cool floating granite, taking in some sun, relaxed by the refreshing sound of the water and?OK, so we're not talking Old Faithful here. But if 2008 was the Summer Of Olafur, 2009 is the Summer Of DiSco.
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