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South Slope Developer Says Cracks are Whack

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The controversial new Armory Plaza building at 15th Street and Eighth Avenue in the South Slope (top left) has been ready for a while now, but no sales in the building have taken place. And according to a judge it will stay that way. The Post reports the five-story building's owner has been barred from selling the apartments while a lawsuit filed by neighbors continues to navigate the courts. Those neighbors, you'll recall, say the construction of Armory Plaza led to dangerous cracks developing in their buildings (top right)?which later led to a brief evacuation and, in an ironic twist, actual crack. The plaintiffs want damages, while the developer insists he's no crack dealer, and the structural problems predate the construction. One neighbor claims his brownstone's back yard has given way and swallowed a retaining wall and a telephone pole. And if he doesn't keep feeding it, the back yard said it will come for him next! At least that's what it told us in our crack-induced fever dream.
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