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Curbed Housekeeping: End of the Road for Guest Comments

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Howdy, commenters! Today, we're turning off the ability to leave "guest" (aka, "gray") comments on Curbed. For most commenters, this should be no big deal: if you want to comment, it's easy to create a Curbed commenter account (anonymously!) or to use your Facebook account. So why are we making this move? Because it's our hope that with more people building a reputation (of sorts) behind a commenter screenname, we'll improve the quality of discourse on the site. Will it work? Who knows! But we're going to give it a shot. So, if you're a longtime commenter who's never registered an account, go ahead and sign up -- it takes about 30 seconds, and noted, can be done with an anonymous email account -- and get back in the game. (Bonus: you'll get no spam, we promise.) Following that, we look forward to reading your comments on the Death of Curbed in this here comment thread. Or hit us up directly at with your thoughts if this whole public display of Internet commenting culture, etc., is too dull for you to air publicly. Our thanks as ever for reading and adding your voice to the debate.