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Rebirth of Washington Square Park: Don't Hold Your Breath

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We were right to be skeptical about the intel suggesting the first phase of the remodeled Washington Square Park would open sometime this week. Word from the renovation front is the park will remain frolic-free for another two weeks, despite the fact that the fountain is flowing and new greenery abounds. But the delay couldn't stop a group of Korean artists from continuing the park's protest-rich tradition this past weekend.

Their ire wasn't aimed at landscape artists and city planners (or swine flu fashionistas) but rather at the fearless leader across the sea. Led by artist Yoonhye Park, a group of twenty women wearing North Korean schoolgirl uniforms and bright orange masks performed Bodies of Pyongyang. They paraded through the park and into a plexiglass box, where they tried "to move about the enclosed cube box expressing their emotional pain and struggle." Sort of like dorm life at NYU? Of course, during the performance we couldn't help but take another look around, results seen above.
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