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Show Us Your Sales Office: 456 West 19th Street Strips Down

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[Photos by Will Femia]

What happens to a sales office space once the sales office part is no longer needed? In some post-retirement cases, it becomes...another sales office! Such is the case at 515 West 20th Street, where the seventh-floor showroom that recently pitched condos for the wavy-glassed Chelsea Modern is now serving the same purpose for the older-fashioned 22-unit 456 West 19th Street, located nearby at the corner of Tenth Avenue. The sales office is a bare-bones, white-box affair, which serves as both a reminder of the airy lofts and gallery spaces that dot the surrounding neighborhood, and a reflection of the non-showy post-Lehman luxury era.

As for the building itself, construction of its 22 duplex units is humming along. The project is another loft-style addition to the portfolio of architect/developer Cary Tamarkin, and though the mezzanines and other features may be similar to Tamarkin's 397 West 12th Street down in the West Village, 456 West 19th Street's curvy top is a nice flashy flourish for the West Chelsea Starchitecture District. Want a feel for the finished product? Have a look around. There may even be a little surprise waiting just beyond those windows. Spoiler alert: It's the High Line!
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456 West 19th Street

456 West 19th Street, New York, NY