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CurbedWire AM Special: Partial Roof Collapse in Cobble Hill

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"Something happened either last night or early this morning at 217 Court Street," a Cobble Hill correspondent writes. "Police, fire, and news crews galore on the scene. Rumor on the street was 'roof collapse.' Needless to say the brouhaha is causing a lot of traffic havoc." WCBS reports that the roof of the vacant building did partially collapse overnight, caused perhaps by all the rain over the past few days. There were no injuries, but residents of nearby buildings have been evacuated. WCBS adds, "An initial inspection leaves no doubt that a most, if not all of 217 Court Street will need to be demolished." A stop work order was slapped on the building in December.
· Partial Roof Collapse Causes Evacuations In B'klyn [WCBS]