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Eater Tastings: Times Tower Goes Italian, Tipped Off in the West Village, Florent's Return, More!

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This week's top dish from Eater, Curbed's restaurant, bar, and nightlife blog...

1) Midtown West: In Renzo Piano's New York Times building, Montenapo, an Italian eatery that was projected to open last year, is finally almost ready. Sure as heck looks flashy, but can Midtown support another new high-end restaurant right now?

2) NYC: Legend-without-a-diner Florent Morellet says he'll open an updated, 24-hour version of his dearly departed MePa icon Florent "at least a year and a half from now." Where will it be? Not in the Meatpacking District, and not in Carroll Gardens.

3) West Village: Times may be tough for our friends in the server community, but does Greenwich Avenue restaurant La Palette want diners to tip the staff twice? Ladies and gentlemen, the case of a mixed message.

4) NYC: The latest in the Oprah-caused KFC ChickenGate scandal sweeping through the city and the country: rain checks, marketing spin from KFC top brass and the continued shame of our nation.

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