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East Side the Real Victim in Tribeca Bus War

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When vigilant Tribecans succeeded in fighting off the threat of having 18 commuter and tour buses parked along the neighborhood's western edge for several hours a day, their victory came at the expense of the East River Waterfront project. The SHoP Architects-designed esplanade, which would connect Battery Park with East River Park, was finally set to kick into high-gear following lengthy delays?but the bus parking had to be moved from under the elevated FDR for serious work to begin. Now the Department of Transportation is scrambling to find a place to move the buses, and the Downtown Express reports that the East River Waterfront woes will only get worse. While those 18 parking spots have to be moved at the start, eventually 92 total buses will need to find new homes as the construction spreads. Meanwhile, with the bus issue taken care of, Tribeca's upper crust can focus back on the Tower O' Garbage planned between Canal and Spring Streets. The Villager reports that James Gandolfini is now power lunching with Christine Quinn and printing up fliers to protest the garbage truck garage.
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