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Week in Review: Slow at Trump Soho, Inside Cooper Union's Spaceship, Seeking the Williamsburg Super-Hipster, More!

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The week's biggest Curbed headlines, broken down by borough for easy digestion.

MANHATTAN?Rent Wars: No Deep Freeze for Rent-Stabilized Apartments,
Hotel Update-o-Rama: Trump Soho Frozen in Time, More!, Curbed Inside: New Cooper Union Building Weaves Its Web, The Apthorp Dusts Itself Off, Re-enters the Fight, Second Chance at a First Impression at Columbus Village, Tribeca's Ghost Building Gets the Nod, Show Us Your Sales Office: 456 West 19th Street Strips Down , Coop Hotel Can't See London, Can't See France, However..., Construction Watch: Nolita's 211 Elizabeth Sheds the Shed

BROOKLYN?Prices Cut, Rentals Offered at One Brooklyn Bride Park, The Williamsburg Casting Call You Knew Would Come, CurbedWire AM Special: Partial Roof Collapse in Cobble Hill, Williamsburg Development Update-o-Rama: Some Are Selling!, Anti-Development Street Art Spotted in Nolita, Greenpoint, Berry Street Rental Watch: Venting at 44, Netting at 40, Prospect Heights Getting All the Balconies it Can Handle, Greenpoint Park Makes a Much-Delayed Waterfront Debut

QUEENS?Try again next week!

BRONX?Try again next week!

STATEN ISLAND?Try again next week!