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CurbedWire: Isis Adorably Tops Out, Closings Coming at Setai

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UPPER EAST SIDE?We're normally hesitant to post items contributed by our friends in the PR world, but even we have to admit this is kind of adorable, and we're dead on the inside! Isis, the cantilevering 19-story condo building at 77th Street and Second Avenue, has awoken from its slumber and topped out. That's not the heart-warming part. The building is aimed at the family set, so the developer invited the first grade class from P.S. 290 to attend the event. They gave the construction crew a congratulatory mural, and signed the American flag that's now flying on top of the building. Pics from the Isis team in the gallery above. [CurbedWire Inbox]

FIDI?Word on the street is that condos at 40 Broad Street, aka the vacation-minded getaway The Setai, will kick into high gear at the end of June. The building had promised occupancy in fall '08, and curiously two apartments have closed (sneaking in just before delivery deadlines, perhaps?) in the months since. [CurbedWire Inbox]