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Curbed Roundtable: June State o' the Market Report

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According to the New York Times buyers are still drawn to new developments with modern touches, as long as those buildings aren't the newest of the new. According to New York magazine, brand new buildings that are marketed on their eco-friendliness are kind of double screwed. Has the fear?of financing difficulties, of developers not delivering on their promises, of buildings going rental, of paying a premium (imagined or not) for 'green' living in the face of declining prices?taken over the hearts and minds of everyone in the market? Read those stories and the vibe given off about the state of consumer confidence makes you wonder if any condo completed in 2009 and beyond will get sold, even if common sense (and the pending closings at One Madison Park) says we're not looking at a shutout here. We want to hear from the buyers: is new development completely off the radar when the hunt begins? If mortgages were more free flowin', would the latest and greatest be back on top of the wish list?
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