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For-dham! Higher Learning Set to Hit Upper West Side

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Hiding in the shadows of NYU's and Columbia's heavy-duty expansion plans, Fordham's own ambitious dream to add a bunch of buildings to its superblock near Lincoln Center never stood a chance. The university's UWS neighbors hated the idea and enlisted plenty of firepower to shoot it down. But a funny thing happened on the way to certain defeat: Fordham downsized the scale of its plan and picked up some community support along the way. Now, like the Giants shocking an undefeated Patriots team, Fordham is poised for the upset. Crain's reports that after some new wrinkles like the addition of a public atrium on Columbus Avenue, the plan is expected to sail through two City Council committees today before being voted on by the full council on June 30. The letter-writing campaign worked! Do you believe in miracles?
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