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PriceSpotter Big Reveal: Flipper Swims to Long Island City

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And now, the results of yesterday's PriceSpotter asking price guessing game...

Location: 5-09 48th Avenue, LIC
Asking: $850,000

The Long Island City 1BR condo (with a big ol' terrace) new to the resale market featured in this week's PriceSpotter is in Fifth Street Lofts, which some guessers seemed to catch on to rather quickly. The easily identifiable nature of certain new LIC luxury buildings probably led to some foul play on the part of commenter ruhspu, who wrote "$850,000... this is too easy." Yeesh, sorry, we don't have infinite choices when it comes to LIC. As for the rest of the guesses, er, let's just say that Curbed readers are bit bearish on new Long Island City condos. The apartment first sold in the fall for around $750,000.
· Listing: 5-09 48th Avenue - Apt: 7C [Corcoran]
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