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Two Burg Buildings Hit the Market, But Are the Prices Right?

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Recent Williamsburg sensation Mason Fisk owed much of its success, or so we were told, to prices that averaged out around $650 per square foot. But in this post-trustafarian era, would those prices even be low enough to move new product? We're about to find out! Two under-construction Williamsburg condo buildings have just hit the market through Burg specialists Apts and Lofts. The first is 90 North 5th Street?pardon us, 9inety North 5ifth?previously reported to be the work of architect Robert Scarano, which means these 23 new apartments (between Berry and Wythe) are limited edition! The eight active listings average $630/sf, per StreetEasy, and building features include a communal courtyard garden and a 45-foot stone waterfall in the lobby. Break out the floaties!

The other newbie, 229 North 8th Street (between Roebling and Havemeyer) comes from the portfolio of the other shaper of Williamsburg's present, Karl Fischer. Previously known as Son of Sevenberry for its resemblance to another Hot Karl joint, the building boasts some catchy copywriting: "With Just 3.5% Down Payment required and Smart 2009 Pricing, The Opportunity You've Been Waiting For in Coveted North Williamsburg has arrived." And, "Introducing 229 North 8th Street, where you can Live Like a King at Pauper Prices." How do paupers live? At prices of $654/sf, per StreetEasy. According to the listings, the building has a certificate of occupancy and move-ins are scheduled for this summer (here's a construction shot from last summer). Let the speculation about the sales efforts begin!
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