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On the Racked: High Line Snack Shortage, Virgin Winds Down

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The latest from Racked, covering shopping and retail from the sidewalks up.

1) MePa: Want to have a nosh while you're up on the High Line? That became a bit more difficult with the shuttering of Washington Street's Village Gourmet market. Adds Racked: "There's always Nonno Gourmet a block south at Washington and Horatio, but somehow we doubt tourists will think to walk that way."

2) West Chelsea: Speaking of the High Line, expect a slew of fashionistas to pile on the thing at the end of the month, when the Comme des Garçons pop-up shop opens at Tenth Avenue and 17th Street.

3) Union Square: As speculation mounts about which big retailer (Wal-Mart! Target! Nordstrom!) will take over the vacated Virgin Megastore space on 14th Street, the dying multimedia store's closing sale keeps on keepin' on. Now everything is 70% off!

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