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Coming to Hudson Square: Tanner Family Dinner Parties?

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Sometimes you have to drill into a buyer's head the potential of a certain space. Which must be why, in the listing for this $2.895 million penthouse at Hudson Square luxury pioneer 505 Greenwich Street, Corcoran's Chris Poore decided to bang home the message that the 581-square-foot terrace is perfect for fabulous dinner parties by showing a fabulous dinner party in action. Who are these revelers? Probably the friends and acquaintances of the former magazine exec that bought the 1,663-square-foot 2BR, 2BA for a cool $2 million in 2005 (it first hit the resale market in 2007 at $3.395 million). If you want to be the one toasting the Tower o' Garbage, better act fact: The Post's Jennifer Gould Keil reports today that Broadway-bound John Stamos has eyed the space, which is also rentable for $10,000/month. Maybe he wants to be close enough to check up on Michelle?
· Listing: 505 Greenwich Street [Corcoran]
· Stay-mos [NYP/Gimme Shelter]

505 Greenwich Street

505 Greenwich Street, New York, NY