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Peace & Quiet Nowhere in Sight at 'Broadway Triangle'

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To understand the craziness that is the Brooklyn Broadway Triangle redevelopment battle?the city wants to build eight-story affordable housing buildings on a big parcel of land on the Williamsburg/Bed-Stuy border, while opponents want buildings 3x that size?is to attempt to navigate the darkest back alleys of Brooklyn micropolitics. We don't recommend it. Instead, let the Observer's political team give you a glimpse into the madness:

Roughly 50 protesters, armed with signs and a bullhorn, chanted “Open Process” and “Shut It Down” inside a community room at the Swingin’ 60s Senior Center. After calling for order several times, board chairman Vincent Abate—presiding over what would be his last meeting after nearly 30 years on the board--allowed the protest and presentation to continue simultaneously.

The photo accompanying the story shows a protester aggressively wielding what looks like a Swiffer. Hopefully no dust bunnies were harmed in the standoff.
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