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Gehry Officially Doneski at Atlantic Yards (All of It!)

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In the wake of Frank Gehry's Barclays Center arena design getting tossed in the circular file by Atlantic Yards developer Bruce Ratner, a spokesman for the starchitect told the Architect's Newspaper blog last week, "'Frank might design one of the buildings later, I don't think it's impossible." Hmm! Now, Gehry's departure from the 17-building, 22-acre megaproject (pardon us, his "master plan" lives on) has been double-confirmed, with a Ratner mouthpiece telling the Times, "We do not anticipate that Mr. Gehry will be designing any of the individual buildings." The Gehryriffic Atlantic Yards website now just redirects visitors to the Barclays Center site. Sad, but don't shed any tears for the Frankster: he pocketed "tens of millions of dollars" for his work on Atlantic Yards, the Times notes. If only that cash was sunk into the Nets' payroll!
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