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Eater Tastings: Empire State Building Bar, Momofuku Scare Officially Over, Jarnac Doomed, and More!

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This week's top dish from Eater, Curbed's restaurant, bar, and nightlife blog...

1) West 30s: Where, you might be asking yourself, would I like to consume cocktails in a high-end setting? If you answered The Empire State Building, well, just wait a few months for the conversion of The Empire Room, from the folks who brought you Campbell Apartment and that Gossip Girl sex scene.

2) East Village: After Momofuku Ssam Bar briefly closed earlier this week because of a hepatitis scare, word comes today that the Health Department has has deemed the joint, and its employees, healthy as can be.

3) Far West Village: Behold, the new Jane Hotel Bar, which, if we do say so, looks pretty damn gorgeous. Special touches: a Belgian fireplace, a disco ball from owner Sean MacPherson’s personal collection, and, of course, a ram's head.

4) West Village: Longstanding neighborhood standby Jarnac is giving up the ghost, at least in its current space, courtesy of an unresolveable rent dispute with the landlord. But they'll cook for you at home! No, really. They will.

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