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Curbed Hamptons: Paulson's Epic PriceChop and Much More!

This week's headlines from Curbed Hamptons, our brand new East End outpost...

1) Above, it's the Southampton cottage recently sold by hedge-funder John Paulson—a sale that required a PriceChop of the Hall of Fame Variety. Listed in April 2008 for $19.5 million, the place traded hands for—ouch—$9.99 million. Deflation, people. Deflation.

2) Those crazy cats at StreetEasy are also summering on the East End with the launch of StreetEasy Hamptons. All the listings you can drink! Or something.

3) On the Hamptons restaurant beat, East Hampton Mexican joint The Blue Parrot continues to tease, while this weekend sees the official reopening of the redone—and really quite spectacular, to judge from the photogalleryMontauk Yacht Club. Ahoy, etc.

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