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Boy Loses Scooter in McCarren Park, But What Does it Mean?

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Little Devlin lost his Obama scooter in McCarren Park, and Greenpoint blogger Miss Heather runs the resulting flier through her Gentrificationometer 5000:

This item (which hails from Lorimer Street and Driggs Avenue) goes off the fucking charts. I honestly don’t where to start. Is it * the professional quality of this flier?
* the kid's name?
* the fact someone elected to use his (or her) son’s scooter to advertise their political beliefs?

Meanwhile, somewhere in North Brooklyn, a small boy cries himself to sleep. Fear not, Devlin, soon you'll be on to the next burgeoning artists' enclave, where longtime residents will get priced out of their scooters and leave them ripe for the picking.
· Greenpoint Gentrification Watch: McCarren Park [NY Shitty]