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Noise Wars: Cooper Square Hotel's Audio-Visual Presentation

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This just in from the Department of Inevitability: a Cooper Square Hotel neighbor has posted a video online (relayed via Vanishing New York) documenting the level of noise that wafts into the tenement apartments behind the Coop's controversial outdoor revelry spaces. When a Lower East Side neighbor of the Thompson LES hotel did the same a couple weeks back, the countdown to the Cooper Square version began. After all, it's called the Noise Wars for a reason! We have to say that the Coop video far surpasses the Thompson LES version in terms of production value. There's a brief preamble explaining the layout of the hotel's outdoor spaces in relation to the neighboring buildings, and on-screen captions ("We hear every drunken inanity.") to bang home the outrage. Plus, the way the text loops off the screen at the end of the clip is almost Jerry Bruckheimer-esque. Bravo!
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